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Adaptation & Assessment

Summary of the NMBI Adaptation and Assessment Test


Unlike the Oversea's Aptitude Test, you will need an employer to secure your place on this programme.   

If your Decision Letter from the NMBI requires you to successfully complete the Adaptation and Assessment Test, you must now find an employer who will agree to employ you to work as a nurse in Ireland. Your new employer in Ireland needs to apply for a placement on this test on your behalf. As nurse placements on this Adaptation and Assessment Test are limited, this process can take 6-24 months. You (not your employer) will need to obtain your visa to work In Ireland - although your Irish employer may assist you. View a list of employers here.

The Adaptation and Assessment Test is a supervised placement in an Irish health care facility for 6-weeks. You are not able to work as a nurse in Ireland until you are fully registered with the NMBI and receive your nurse PIN from them. If you successfully complete this programme, and receive your PIN from the NMBI then you will be able to work as a nurse in Ireland. Please ensure you have the correct visa to undertake this programme and the correct visa to work in Ireland.

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