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Decision Letter - what next?

You applied to register as a nurse in Ireland with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) and submitted all the required documents. The next step is receiving your Decision Letter - you will have a decision for one of the following: 


Nurse Jobs Ireland only works with oversea's nurses that have received their Decision Letter from the NMBI.

If you are a nurse who has received a positive Decision Letter stating stating that you are eligible for registration, our team will approach highly sought after employers in Ireland on your behalf to help you successfully work in Ireland as a nurse. 

     Eligible for Registration - Congratulations!

In certain countries in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA)  you may qualify for an automatic route to registration.

When the NMBI is satisfied that your application meets all of the oversea's nursing application requirements for Ireland, you will then be issued with a letter requesting that you pay the nurse registration fees to have your name included on the NMBI’s Register of Nurses and Midwives in Ireland. When you pay the registration fee, the NMBI will finalise your registration and issue you with further information required within 7 – 10 working days, including your PIN (Personal Identification Number) that is unique to you as a nurse who is registered to work in Ireland.

Once you have your Decision Letter, you may need adaptation or a visa requirement, please contact us and we will assist you through this process. We have a list of highly sought after clients who have nurse job vacancies in Ireland and may be willing to employ you.

    Further Information Required

The NMBI may issue a Decision Letter requesting further information. Read this letter carefully and answer the questions asked. Submit additional information and documents as requested. The content of this letter will be different for each nursing application.

    Adaptation and Assessment / Aptitude Test

Your Decision Letter has advised you that you need to adapt your training and skills to work as a nurse in Ireland. You have a choice of two tests of which you must complete one to register and work as a nurse in Ireland. 

The purpose of this Adaption Assessment or Aptitude Test is to assess the competence of overseas educated and trained nurses and midwives. Successful completion of one of these ensures that your theoretical nurse training matches the standards required to practice nursing in Ireland.

If you are a qualified nurse from countries outside the EU and EEA, then the NMBI will evaluate your nurse training against the NMBI’s requirements and standards. Learn more. This process can take from 6 months to 24 months before a registered nurse or midwife receives a PIN to enable them to work in Ireland.

There are two options available to you to complete this requirement which makes you eligible to receive you nurse PIN and register to work as a nurse in Ireland: 


    Registration Declined

There are a number of possible grounds for a refusal which will be explained in your Decision Letter. You will be issued with a refused registration decision following an education assessment of your application.

You can appeal this decision with the NMBI. You must lodge your appeal within 56 days of receiving your Decision Letter. More information on the NMBI appeals process for nurses is available here.


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