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JOB TITLE:                Clinical Nurse Manager 2 – Mental Health    

REPORTS TO:           Director of Nursing

SUPERVISES:           Nursing & Care Staff assigned to the Unit

WORKS WITH:          Clinical, Management and Support Staff

ASSIGNED TO:         Initially to manage Special Needs Unit, an Approved Centre                                    registered with the Mental Health Commission




1.         Professional /Clinical

  • To manage patient care to ensure the highest professional standards using an evidence-based, care planning approach.
  • To provide a high level of professional and clinical leadership
  • To be responsible for the co-ordination, assessment, planning, delivery and review of patient/residential care by all staff in their designated area.
  • To provide safe, comprehensive nursing care to patients/residents within the guidelines laid out by An Bord Altranais
  • To work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and to participate in teams/meetings/ committees as appropriate, communicating and working in co-operation with other team members
  • To co-ordinate all activities with the Centre’s Medical Staff in respect of doctors’ visits to include all follow-up action required.
  • To collaborate with patients/residents, family, carers and other staff in treatment/care planning and in the provision of support and advice.
  • To communicate verbally and/or in writing results of assessments, treatment/care programmes and recommendations to the team and relevant others in accordance with service policy 
  • To plan discharge or transfer of the patient/resident between services as appropriate
  • To ensure that patients/residents and others are treated with dignity and respect.  To encourage patients/residents to be as independent as possible in the activities of daily living
  • To maintain nursing records in accordance with local/professional standards
  • To maintain all ward records in compliance with the requirements of the Mental Health Acts and associated regulations, and to ensure these are available for inspection at all times
  • To adhere and contribute to the development and maintenance of nursing standards, protocols and guidelines consistent with the highest standards of patient care
  • To evaluate and manage the implementation of best practice policy and procedures e.g. admission and discharge procedures, control and usage of stocks and equipment, grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • To maintain professional standards in relation to confidentiality, ethics and legislation
  • In consultation with the Director of Nursing and other disciplines, to implement and assess quality management programmes
  • To participate in clinical audit as required
  • To initiate and participate in research studies as appropriate
  • To devise and implement Health Promotion Programmes for patients/residents as relevant to the post
  • To operate within the scope of practice - seek advice and assistance from his/her manager with any cases or issues that prove to be beyond the scope of his/her professional competence in line with principles of best practice and clinical governance


2.         Health & Safety

  • To ensure that effective safety procedures are developed and managed to comply with statutory obligations, in conjunction with relevant staff e.g. health and safety procedures, emergency procedures
  • To observe, report and take appropriate action on any matter which may be detrimental to staff and/or service user care or well being/may be inhibiting the efficient provision of care
  • To assist in observing and ensuring implementation and adherence to established policies and procedures e.g. health and safety, infection control, storage and use of controlled drugs etc.
  • To ensure completion of incident/near miss forms/clinical risk reporting
  • To adhere to department policies in relation to the care and safety of any equipment supplied for the fulfilment of duty
  • To liaise with other relevant staff e.g. re appropriateness for procurement


3.         Education and Training

  • To engage in continuing professional development by keeping up to date with nursing literature, recent nursing research and new developments in nursing management, education and practice and to attend staff study days as considered appropriate
  • To keep abreast of developments and regulations in Mental Health Services
  • To participate in the identification, development and delivery of induction, education, training and development programmes for nursing & non-nursing staff and collaborate in the development of the curriculum training programme for student nurses
  • To provide support and supportive supervision to front-line staff where appropriate
  • To engage in performance review processes including personal development planning as appropriate


4.         Management

  • To exercise authority in the running of the assigned area as designated by the Director of Nursing
  • To provide the necessary supervision, co-ordination and deployment of nursing and support staff to ensure the optimum delivery of care in the designated area(s)
  • To manage communication at ward and departmental level and facilitate team building
  • To provide staff leadership and motivation which is conducive to good working relations and work performance
  • To promote a culture that values diversity and respect in the workplace
  • To participate in the development and evaluation of service plans and budgets in co-operation with the wider Healthcare  and Management team
  • To manage all resources efficiently and effectively within agreed budget and to collaborate with members of Bloomfield’s management team in this regard
  • To lead and implement change
  • To promote, facilitate and participate in the development, monitoring and evaluation of nursing policies and procedures.
  • To operate within the legislative and policy framework that governs the work of Bloomfield Care Centre and to ensure compliance with Bloomfield’s legal requirements, policies and procedures affecting patients/residents and staff within the Clinical Nurse Manager 2’s area of responsibility
  • To manage and promote linkages within the local community and with advocacy services as appropriate
  • To actively participate in the Nursing Management structure by ‘acting up’ when required
  • To participate as a member of Bloomfield’s Department Heads Team and to collaborate with other Clinical Nurse Managers at the Centre in the development and maintenance of effective nurse management structures
  • To maintain all necessary clinical and administrative records and reporting arrangements
  • To engage in IT developments as they apply to patients/residents and service administration


5.         To support the Director of Nursing in achieving the goals and objectives of Bloomfield Care Centre, and to ensure that the Director of Nursing is kept fully briefed on all aspects of the service.


6.         To co-operate fully in the implementation and review of systems/policies and to support information technology development and review within Bloomfield Care Centre.


7.         To maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all matters concerning patients/residents, staff and business of the Centre.  Information regarding patients/residents, staff or business of the centre may not be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty.  Records, documents or correspondence may never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them.


8.         To perform other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Nursing and/or designee from time to time.  To display flexibility in relation to working rosters.


9.         To be mindful of the charitable origins and Quaker Ethos of Bloomfield Care Centre at all times.



The Clinical Nurse Manager 11 will be required to observe the following arrangements:

  • Attend fire lectures and drills periodically and observe fire orders.
  • Comply with all Safety Regulations and prevailing safety legislation, and be fully familiar with Bloomfield Care Centre’s Safety Statement.
  • Observe the no-smoking policy that applies within the Bloomfield Care Centre buildings.


Bloomfield Care Centre is not responsible in the event of the loss, damage or theft of personal property of the Clinical Nurse Manager 11 or any person.


This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities and may be reviewed from time to time to reflect the needs of Bloomfield Care Centre.

For more information please apply by sending an up-to-date CV to Alan

Ref: 12068

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