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Theatre Nurse Jobs: What is the Healthcare Management Trust?

By Three Q PERMS on 04 February 2016

The Healthcare Management Trust was founded in 1985 as a registered charity to provide consultancy services to healthcare providers founded by religious groups. Their aim has always been to develop and promote the services offered by associated charitable hospitals and care homes so that they ca...


Is Midwifery for you?

By Three Q PERMS on 28 January 2016

Many people assume that midwifery is all about the birth of a child, but while this is obviously the most exciting part, the role of the midwife is much more extensive. It starts after the pregnancy has been confirmed and continues until around 10 days after the birth, sometimes longer. Midwife ...


Further Training options for Nurses

By Three Q PERMS on 21 January 2016

Completing a four year degree in General Nursing or your chosen field within the nursing sector does not necessarily mean that you have completed your studies for your profession. Indeed, nursing is one of the most likely occupations where training and professional development will continue thro...


Miss America Contestant mocked for wearing scrubs for her talent!

By Three Q PERMS on 15 January 2016

Beauty pageants have a reputation for focusing on beauty and talent and not taking much interest in the lives of the contestants. However one contestant chose to make it about her profession and in doing so ignited the support of the nursing community around the world when her efforts were mocke...


The 12 days of Nurse Job hunting

By Three Q PERMS on 18 December 2015

With a week to go until Christmas and if starting the New Year with a New Nurse Job is what you are after then take these twelve days of Nurse Job Career Goals steps to help you get prepared for your New Year New Nursing Career path. So what is the first step when looking for jobs in nursing?...


How has social media influenced the Healthcare Industry?

By Three Q PERMS on 19 November 2015

Social media and other interactive online applications are dynamic and constantly evolving dimensions in modern society. These applications often cross public and private domains, inextricably linking both professional and personal lives.  "The aspect of healthcare can be a very personal and ...


New Web Tool to Curb Emergency Department Waiting Times

By Katie McGarr on 19 October 2015

A new online tool is being created in Northern Ireland in order to tackle long wait times in the Winter Months. The new online source will show the estimated waiting times in Northern Ireland’s Emergency Departments allowing patients to choose the smallest wait time. Around £4 Million is...


Varadkar and HSE have 4 Weeks to Prevent Nurses Strike

By Katie McGarr on 12 October 2015

Could Nurses Strike this Christmas? Last week a Crisis Meeting took place in Dublin to tackle the Emergency Room Crisis in Ireland.  Minister of Health Leo Varadkar met with INMO and Emergency Room Representatives to tackle the alarming number of Patients on trolleys in Ireland’s Emergency...


INMO Emergency Department Crisis Meeting Takes place Today

By Katie McGarr on 05 October 2015

As we move into the Critical Winter Months, what is to be done about the Emergency Room Crisis in Ireland’s Hospitals? Today (October 5th ,2015)  Leo Varadkar TD, Minister for Health will  attend a meeting set up by the INMO to tackle the shocking number of patients left on Trolleys in Irela...


Beauty Queen Nurse Criticises HSE for Student Nurses Lack of Pay

By Katie McGarr on 18 September 2015

RTE’s new show ‘The Nurses’ follows 6 recently graduated Nurses in some of Ireland’s busiest Hospitals and Institutions. Linda Creedon,(22), A star of the new show (and former beauty queen) has heavily criticised the HSE for the severe wage gap for Student Nurses. Student Nurses do placement in ...