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Remember Daffodil Day is this Friday march 27th

By Jesus Garcia Martin on 24 March 2015

Daffodil Day Irish Cancer Society 2015 Daffodil Day is the biggest and longest running fundraising day for the Irish Cancer Society, Ireland’s national cancer charity. On Daffodil Day thousands of volunteers around Ireland sell daffodil pins and flowers to raise money for the Society’s fre...


Why did you become a Nurse?

By Aoife Manning on 18 March 2015

  Why did you become a Nurse? Are you still happy you decided to enter the nursing profession? People say Nursing is a vocation or a calling and many nurses may feel this way but what are the reasons that you decided to become a nurse? Becoming a nurse is not something that can be taken li...


2015 Family Carer and Senior Citizen Handbook

By Aoife Manning on 11 March 2015

2015 Family Carer and Senior Citizen Handbook   Home Instead Senior Care 2015 published their Family Carer and Senior Citizen guidebook. This is a great resource for families who are caring for or supporting their aged family members. The publication gives advice to support a happy and hea...


HIQA publishes new National Standards for Special Care Units for Children

By Aoife Manning on 03 March 2015

The Health Information and Quality Authority are launching a new campaign to increase the quality and safety of care for children especially focusing on vulnerable children and those who are living outside the family care. These National Standards for Special Care Units have been developed to...


What is a Detox Nurse Job and is it for me?

By Aoife Manning on 27 February 2015

If you are looking for a nursing job with a bit of edge, something different, then a nursing job as a Detox Nurse could be the career path for you.  In this day and age there is an increased demand for Detox centres as the abuse of alcohol and other illegal substances becomes more dominant in...


Will Irish Nurses living abroad come home?

By Aoife Manning on 24 February 2015

Will Irish Nurses living abroad come home? In recent days we have seen Minister for Health Leo Varadkar appealing to Irish Nurses and Healthcare workers who moved abroad to return home to take up nursing jobs in Irish hospitals and healthcare facilities after announcing there will be 500 nurs...


Pancake Tuesday Make the Perfect Mix for your CV

By Aoife Manning on 17 February 2015

Make the Perfect Mix for your Nursing Career this Pancake Tuesday Today is Pancake Tuesday or to some people like myself the best Tuesday of the year, which also means the start of Lent for others. Do you still give up something for Lent? Or is this practice a thing of the past? Before we...


10 Reasons why being a Nurse is the best Job in the World

By Katie Mc Garr on 13 February 2015

Nursing is a challenging and stimulating profession where you can work with people from a many different backgrounds. Once you are receive your degree in Nursing there are many different options and areas you can move into you can work with the elderly, children or in an acute setting. Here are ...


Fall in Love with your Nursing Job again this Valentine's Day

By Katie Mc Garr on 12 February 2015

Fall in Love with your Nursing Job again this Valentine’s Day They say find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life. At Nurse Jobs Ireland we agree that finding the right nursing job is essential in any recruitment process.  We know how important it is to match the ...