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Beauty Queen Nurse Criticises HSE for Student Nurses Lack of Pay

By Katie Mc Garr on 18 September 2015

RTE’s new show ‘The Nurses’ follows 6 recently graduated Nurses in some of Ireland’s busiest Hospitals and Institutions. Linda Creedon,(22), A star of the new show (and former beauty queen) has heavily criticised the HSE for the severe wage gap for Student Nurses. Student Nurses do placement in ...


12 Hour Shifts are Causing Burnout in Ireland's Nurses

By Katie Mc Garr on 11 September 2015

An International Nurse Survey has found that long shifts that are common with Nurses in Ireland and England are more likely to cause burnout and job dissatisfaction. A Survey by BMJ Open carried out in 488 hospitals in Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norw...


The World Nursing Shortage:The Dangers of a Decline in Breast Cancer Nurses

By Katie Mc Garr on 07 September 2015

We here in Ireland are aware of the Nursing Shortage, less people are choosing to become Nurses while those that are qualified are likely to go abroad. However do we know what consequences the Nursing shortage will truly have?! Articles and findings from the past week are starting to show th...


Why nursing is a great career choice

By Three Q Perms on 25 August 2015

My name is Eva Lambert and I am working as a recruiter now with Nurse Jobs Ireland, but I am also a RGN and Midwife. I really enjoy recruitment and there are so many skills that are transferrable from Nursing into the Corporate world. As a nurse you (without realising!) have good communicatio...


Moving to Ireland to work as a Nurse

By Three Q Perms on 14 August 2015

Ireland is in the midst of a nursing shortage, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for International Nurses to find work here in a variety of areas. As an internationally trained nurse, there are a few steps you can take in order to make the process as simple and quick as possible. ...


Non traditional Nursing Jobs

By on 29 July 2015

Are you looking for that nursing career that is a bit different from the norm? Are you tired of working as a Staff Nurse in an acute setting? Would you like to try a different area of nursing or go for a completely new type of nursing job? Nurse Jobs Ireland can take you through some of the m...


Advantages and Disadvantages of Temp Nursing Jobs

By on 16 July 2015

For some nurses temping can be the perfect Nurse Job and for others it can be useful for extra money or to fill a career gap in between nursing jobs. Like all aspects of nursing recruitment there are advantages and disadvantages to Temp Nursing. What are the advantages of taking up a temp ...


10 Reasons why being a Nurse is the best Job

By Three Q Perms on 08 July 2015

Nursing is a challenging and stimulating profession where you can work with people from a many different backgrounds. Once you are receive your degree in Nursing there are many different options and areas you can move into areas like gerantology, psychiatric, theatre, or in an acute setting, wor...


5 essential Rules for Nurses planning your Summer Holidays

By on 25 June 2015

1. Pack the essentials: Nurses leave the scrubs and uniforms at home. Or do we even need to tell you. Try to pack light you don’t want to be hit with the hefty extra baggage allowance from airlines. Only pack the essentials not the kitchen sink Sun cream at least factor 30, sunglasses, clothe...


Stress Management

By on 18 June 2015

  Minister for Health Leo Varadkar was offered the opportunity to work a 12 hour shift in A&E. He politely turned it down, he is a trained Doctor and surely knows too well the stresses of working in A&E and even more so these days due to overcrowding and staff shortages. The frontline...