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Tips to Stay Healthy While Enjoying The Holiday Season

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 07 December 2017

Staying healthy can be a challenge during the holiday season, but there are things you can do to make sure you enjoy all the season has to offer without sacrificing your health. Here are some tips how to stay active and healthy this month! Plan Ahead Try to plan meals with other events in mind. F...


Bullying in Nursing and Ways of Dealing With It

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 30 November 2017

Workplace bullying is a significant issue confronting the nursing profession, with victims described as being part of an oppressed group. There have been cases where managers have bullied staff or failed to provide support for possible victims, and it is not just senior staff who carry out the bu...


Working With Millennial Nurses

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 23 November 2017

It seems that the latest generation of new nurses has caused quite and uproar in an environment that was already filled with burnout and bullying, so here are some myths and facts on working with a millennial Nurse; Myth Number 1: Millennial Nurses are not Loyal and Hop Jobs Fact: Millennial work...


Tips and Tricks for Night Nurses

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 16 November 2017

Whether you’re a night Nurse by trade or by choice, checkout our “Tips and Tricks” for surviving your night shift. See what works for you and adjust accordingly. Adjust Your Internal Clock Stay up late the night before your first night shift and sleep in the morning before your shift. Rotate Acti...


Bed Time Ritual Tips to Set You up for your Nursing Day

By Three Q PERMS on 31 October 2017

Get Into Something Comfy You choice of sleepwear is essential, and making it a ritual can help you establish a “getting ready for bed” routine that will help you shut down more easily and get more restful sleep. Wearing something different every night or not putting any thought into what you’re w...

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Why We Love to Celebrate Nurses

By Three Q PERMS on 26 October 2017

Why we love to celebrate Nurses I always think it is obvious what a hard, thankless job Nursing is, forgetting that not everyone’s mother has the same profession. I know how hard it is because I’ve seen and heard it, I know the compassion and selflessness that they pour into their work day to day...


Overcoming Communication Barrier

By Three Q PERMS on 17 October 2017

Understanding the role that language plays in creating barriers to healthcare is critical for healthcare systems that are experiencing an increasing range of culturally and linguistically diverse populations both amongst patients and practitioners. When communicating the details of a diagnosis or...


Nurses Need to Get Active on Social Media

By Three Q PERMS on 13 October 2017

The world has gone digital, and nurses need to make sure that they are digital and have an updated online profile. We advise Nurses that their social media image and engagement is being viewed by hiring companies and this is often perceived as part of their nursing career image. A nurse's online ...


Why Should We Hire You?

By Three Q PERMS on 06 October 2017

This can be a hard question to answer for nurses as all nurses typically have the same training and expertise. One piece of advice for this question is to avoid relying solely on your training and expertise like so many before you have done. While these are important, you need to tell the employe...


Five Difficult Interview Questions for Nurses

By Three Q PERMS on 29 September 2017

Even the most experienced nurses can suffer from interview nerves. One of the ways you can reduce your nerves is to practice how you are going to answer some of the more difficult interview questions. We have teamed up with Patrick Shortt, Career Guidance Counsellor and Managing Director of ETC C...

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