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Nurses... Come to Ireland

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 26 October 2018

As recruiters, we are approached by nurses overseas on a daily basis seeking to work in Ireland. 


If you’re coming home to Ireland, or choosing to live in Ireland for the first time, there are steps, as a Nurse, you need to take to bring your degree with you and practice legally.


Is this process quick and easy? Not always, but it’s doable, and we’re here to walk you through all the steps so that you’re fully clued-in before applying and don’t have any surprises.


Hospitals in Ireland typically seek a minimum of 2 years’ post qualification acute experience in the area in which you are seeking a role with them. This experience should ideally be within 2 years preceding your application.


We are often approached by newly qualified overseas nurses seeking to work in an Acute setting in Ireland.  It is extremely difficult to secure such nurses a position in an Irish hospital.  We would recommend that, if you are seeking to build a career in Acute, you obtain as much experience in your chosen field at home before considering a move to Ireland.  This will strengthen your application and increase greatly your opportunities.


There has never been a better time to move to Ireland. Nurse Jobs Ireland have a number of Nursing jobs across all specialities nationwide, with clients willing to facilitate adaptation programme once you have your NMBI Decision Letter.


If you/ or a friend are thinking about making the move to Ireland, get in touch with Clare or Aisling in confidence to discuss your options.


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