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5 Rules for Nurses When Planning Your Summer Holidays

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 19 July 2018

Heading on a Sun holiday? What are the essentials when it comes to your holiday planning schedule or do you even have one? Here are 5 Tips to make the prep easier...


1. Pack the essentials: Nurses leave the scrubs and uniforms at home. Or do we even need to tell you. Try to pack light you don’t want to be hit with the hefty extra baggage allowance from airlines. Only pack the essentials not the kitchen sink

Sun cream at least factor 30, sunglasses, clothes, First aid kit, thermometer, medication, blood pressure monitors, isolation gowns, beauty essentials and sandals. Leave the medicine press at home and pack just the essentials. Packing light means you can save money checking bags in so don’t get hung up on bringing too much. In the heat less is more literally. You won’t have loads of washing when you return home too.

2. Diet and exercise: Don’t leave your Bikini Nursing body regime to last minute you will end up crash dieting or bursting a blood vessel on the tread mill in the gym. Plan your diet and exercise a couple of months in advance. Keep it simple fresh fruit, veg and lots of water. Working eating healthy around your nurse job is a nightmare especially night shifts. Try to plan meals for your breaks and avoid coffee before you clock off and try get the Zzzz’s in when you go home.

3. Insure yourself: Sometimes holidays can have mishaps that lead to a trip to the A&E. The last place a Nurse wants to end up on holidays. If this does happen make sure you have adequate cover, nothing will make the holiday blues worse than a hefty hospital bill on top of your drinks bill. Shop around for the best deals mention you are a Nurse you could get a cheeky discount.

4. Dress to impress: For Nurses blue scrubs and white uniforms is in fashion all year round. Find out what is in fashion for the summer season and more importantly what will suit your body. Look online at styles and colours and only order if you are sure it will fit. Returns can be a nightmare and take weeks to get your money back. Dress to impress and make sure you feel fabulous. Remember everything looks ten times better with a holiday tan. Take advantage of being able to wear nail varnish and get your nails done too.

5. Get excited: Most importantly to help you get through your week of nights let yourself get excited, the build up to a holiday is one of the best parts. Holding down a Nursing job, family and everything else is not easy. Make sure to enjoy yourself because Nurses really do deserve their time off.


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