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Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 11-17)

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 11 March 2018


Promoting a culture of safety has become one of the pillars of the patient safety movement. In recent years there has been increasing understanding within the healthcare industry that various factors—such as the emphasis on production, efficiency and cost controls. 


Increasingly, healthcare organisations are becoming aware of the importance of transforming organisational culture in order to improve patient safety. Growing interest in safety culture has been accompanied by the need for assessment tools focused on the cultural aspects of patient safety improvement efforts.


Plans for improving safety in medical care often ignore the patient's perspective. The active role of patients in their care should be recognised and encouraged. Patients have a key role to play in helping to reach an accurate diagnosis, in deciding about appropriate treatment, in choosing an experienced and safe provider, in ensuring that treatment is appropriately administered, monitored and adhered to, and in identifying adverse events and taking appropriate action. They may experience considerable psychological trauma both as a result of an adverse outcome and through the way the incident is managed. If a medical injury occurs it is important to listen to the patient and/or the family, acknowledge the damage, give an honest and open explanation and an apology, ask about emotional trauma and anxieties about future treatment, and provide practical and financial help quickly.


If you would like to know more details about Patient Safety Week, or to get involved… Take Action.


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