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A day in the life of a Dublin nurse

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 08 February 2018

I am working this week in a medium support hospital with psychiatric clients. They have come from various backgrounds. They are learning to live on their own so there is nursing staff during the day. The clients are on their own at night time, it is a short stay unit to prepare the clients.During this time we access how they are getting on and evaluate their situation.We make big decisions on their welfare and make sure they are supported 110%.


I get great satisfaction working with the clients. I started off my working life as a qualified Plumber and it was only after working in psychiatrics units as a cleaner I grew an great interest working in this environment and decided to continue on to study nursing..


One memory which is close to my heart was early this year watching a client admitted and working alongside him until he was ready to go home. It was a great opportunity to learn how his minds thinks, how he felt he couldn’t talk to anyone down to things that I considered small in my own life but was a huge thing to him.It was a great feeling to see him get so much better and be part of the team accessing him and knowing he was fit to leave.This is just one short insight into the lives of Dublin nurses and how working as a nurse in Dublin can really give a sense of purpose and passion to your life.

 - Andrew Stone

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