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Further Training Options for Nurses

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 14 January 2018

Completing a four year degree in General Nursing or your chosen field within the nursing sector does not necessarily mean that you have completed your studies for your profession. Indeed, nursing is one of the most likely occupations where training and professional development will continue throughout your career.

There are many options open to the career-minded nurse these days but we have taken a look at some of the most common ways that nurses advance their skills and careers through further training.

Day Courses

Most companies, either public or private will have a training budget in place for their staff. This may involve going on day courses or short courses that can last a few days in a row. Very often, these courses will present you with some sort of accreditation on completion. A number of these courses built up over years, looks great on your CV and proves to your potential employers that you are serious about advancing your skills and learning more about your profession.

Online/Distance Courses

With advances in technology came the advent of the distance learning course. Basically, this means you can learn and study a number of different subjects (mainly computer based) without attending a classroom, day course or seminar. These type of courses are particularly useful for nurses who long hours and cannot be spared to attend trainings. It gives the learner the flexibility of studying in their own time and submitting exercises through email or internet. In Ireland, the HSE have their own e-earning website where there are a plenty of online courses available.

Post grad/Masters

Post graduate courses and Masters Courses are for nurses who are serious about their academic studies and want to enhance their CV by adding a further Level 7 or 8 qualification to their CV. Often, a nurse will take a post graduate course to specialise in a certain field. These courses are the most well-regarded from an employer’s point of view as they prove you can commit yourself for a prolonged period of time and achieve results, two attributes they look for in potential employees. However, they also require the biggest commitment in time and money.

There are, of courses many other avenues open to nurses but the above options are three of the most common that nurses in Ireland currently use to continue their professional development and enhance their skills. What is most suited for you is different for every person and will depend on a number of factors including work situation, family life and financial commitments.




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