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Tips to Stay Healthy While Enjoying The Holiday Season

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 07 December 2017

Staying healthy can be a challenge during the holiday season, but there are things you can do to make sure you enjoy all the season has to offer without sacrificing your health.

Here are some tips how to stay active and healthy this month!

Plan Ahead

Try to plan meals with other events in mind. For example, if a big dinner is planned, consider serving a lighter lunch of salad or soup. You don’t want to deny anyone the food they like to eat at this time of year, but you don’t want anyone to overdo it either.

Follow Dietary Restrictions

It can be difficult to adhere to a diet during busy, stressful times, especially if there aren’t many healthy options available. To make it easier to stay on track, keep healthy options like fresh-cut vegetables and fruit on hand.

Keep Exercising

To stick to an exercise schedule, bundle up and invite your relatives to join you for a walk around the block. If it’s snowing or icy outside, drive to an indoor shopping mall and walk a few laps while window-shopping. #TwoBirdsOneStone

Share The Work

Between cleaning the house and cooking for a crowd, hosting a big holiday meal can be a source of stress. If an older relative traditionally hosts a big holiday meal, consider passing the tradition on to the younger generation of family members. If the relative insists on hosting, have younger family members volunteer to clean or prepare part of the meal.

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