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Tips and Tricks for Night Nurses

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 16 November 2017

Whether you’re a night Nurse by trade or by choice, checkout our “Tips and Tricks” for surviving your night shift.

See what works for you and adjust accordingly.

Adjust Your Internal Clock

Stay up late the night before your first night shift and sleep in the morning before your shift.

Rotate Activities During Your Shift

Rotate activities to stay awake while your patient is sleeping: Chart vital signs, take inventory, or even eat a snack.

Regulate Your Temperature 

Wear layers to help regulate your temperature.

Sit in a Hard, Straight-Backed Chair

Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Night

Keep yourself hydrated. ALWAYS.

Don’t Forget The Snacks

Choose healthy snacks packed with protein, like nuts, fruit, hummus, and carrots.

Resist Temptation

Don’t allow yourself to rest your eyes or get cosy.


Time your caffeine intake so you are wide awake during the hardest part of the night (3-5 AM).

Go Home and Zzzzzzz

Create a bedtime routine and sleep as long as you can.

Whichever is the reason why you are on a night shift, be sure to take care of YOU.

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