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Why We Love to Celebrate Nurses

By Three Q PERMS on 26 October 2017

Why we love to celebrate Nurses


I always think it is obvious what a hard, thankless job Nursing is, forgetting that not everyone’s mother has the same profession.


I know how hard it is because I’ve seen and heard it, I know the compassion and selflessness that they pour into their work day to day.

That’s why we love to SHOUT OUT to the real OG’s of healthcare, our wonderful Nurses. We want to celebrate YOU!

I don’t know another profession that gives so endlessly and never receives an iota of what they deserve, be that thanks, wages or standards. There are often days when Nurses do not get a chance to take a bathroom break, to eat, to take care of themselves ahead of others.

We want to stress the importance of self-care in the caring professions. Never feel that your own health can suffer to better anyone else. We celebrate what you do and we celebrate a HEALTHY YOU!

Look after yourself and thank you for all you do.


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