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Why Should We Hire You?

By Three Q PERMS on 06 October 2017

This can be a hard question to answer for nurses as all nurses typically have the same training and expertise. One piece of advice for this question is to avoid relying solely on your training and expertise like so many before you have done. While these are important, you need to tell the employer about your other attributes that will make you stand out from other applicants.

Stop and think about what employers don’t want on a nursing team - then back yourself up by giving the employer confidence that you won’t do any of that.

  1. Punctuality – The nature of shift work is that everyone must be on time to ensure a smooth operation. It’s not like other operations where someone does not have to be there at all times. So giving the employer confidence in your punctuality and loyalty is a great step is making you more appealing for the job.                                               

  2. Teamwork- give examples of your team work skills and your ability to get on with people and in a team. The last thing a nurse manager wants is added stress to their day in the form of team arguments.

  3. Teachable – Give them examples of where you are good at learning. One of the problems with taking on new staff is the effort required to teach them all the ways of the new environment. Knowing that you have the ability to be a fast learner will give them the confidence they need to know that it will not be a difficult process to get you settled in to the team.

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