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Nurses Need to Get Active on Social Media

By Three Q PERMS on 13 October 2017

The world has gone digital, and nurses need to make sure that they are digital and have an updated online profile. 

We advise Nurses that their social media image and engagement is being viewed by hiring companies and this is often perceived as part of their nursing career image. A nurse's online profile impacts how employers see them and if they are a good fit for their team. Be careful and do not share things you do not want your mother to see!

Today, social media referrals are key in getting hired. Recruitment agencies search online for new applicants especially on professional social media websites like LinkedIn. and we strongly recommend the following tips in creating a powerful LinkedIn profile that will benefit nursing careers:

* Create a professional profile - Instagram photos may not always be the best photo to add.

* Detailed profile - add placements from when you were studying. This enriches your profile and makes you stand out from other applicants. 

* Profile headline and summary can let hiring companies know that you are seeking new employment which can make your job hunt a little easier as employers may come to you.

* Proofread your profile multiple times and ask a friend to check it too.

* Personalised LinkedIn requests - reflects who you are rather than a generic email and leave a positive lasting impression.

* Be active in groups - be seen to contribute and share your knowledge. This can result in you being seen as an influencer which will give more weight and credit to your profile.


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