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Promoting a Healthy Work Environment as a Nurse

By Three Q PERMS on 04 August 2017


If you have a steady shift, it can be beneficial to begin a team initiative towards healthy eating such as making smoothies. If you can get a group together, organising to make a jug of smoothie a day and bring it in for the group to have before the shift starts is a great way to get some of your five a day and it can also be a fun way to stay healthy by swapping recipes and trying out different combinations.


Bring Healthy Snacks

For any type of shift, snacks are essential; there are always points where we feel ourselves heading for the vending machine or shop. Planning ahead and simply putting healthy snacks in your bag such as nuts or dried fruit is a great way to curb these craving and get in some extra vitamins. Keeping them in your bag at all times, means you don’t have to necessarily remember to bring them every day.


Workplace Fruit Bowl

Another group initiative that you can introduce is a communal fruit bowl in the canteen or lunch room. If everyone is in charge of bringing in some form of fruit on a given day, visually seeing the fruit can make you much more inclined to eat it.


Stay Hydrated

Another important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. If you can set yourself out a schedule, with intervals where you can go to the water fountain and drink glass of water, before long it will become part of your routine. For example having a glass before you start your shift, just before lunch and after lunch, wherever you feel will be easiest and where you can fit it in.



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