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Nursing Interview Do’s and Don’ts

By Three Q PERMS on 28 July 2017

1.Tell us about yourself? 

Do tell them- Your successes and your experience, but keep it short.

Don’t tell them- Your whole life’s story. They don’t have time to listen and you don’t know them that well.


2.Why did you choose nursing as your career?

Do tell them- A great and inspiring, work related story that will help you shine.

Don’t tell them- “I like it”  They know nursing is not easy and most nurses don’t like it all the time , Give them a real explanation for what, or who inspired you to become a nurse.


3. Tell us about a difficult situation you’ve had in the past and how you dealt with it?

Do tell them- Your professional strengths and challenges you have overcome in a positive way. An experience you had a work or nursing college, or a volunteering experience you had.

Don’t tell them- About your personal life or knock-down-drag-outs you’ve had with others, make it relevant to your work.



4. How would you handle a situation where the patient complained about everything you did?

Do tell them- Tell them about a past experience you’ve had that you feel you handled with care and understanding, always focus on the positive

Don’t tell them- About the time you got really mad at a patient because “he hit the call button too many times.” At times you can get frustrated but no one wants to hire a nurse that gets frustrated at their patients.


What do you like about being a nurse?


Do tell them- How you enjoy caring for your patients and making a difference in a patient’s life.

Don’t tell them- You like making money. Don’t keep going on about your profession either. Just keep it simple.


What do you find difficult about being a nurse?

Do tell them- Nursing can be a little stressful at times but you feel you do a pretty good job of caring for your patients and balancing everything. If you can give an example of multi- tasking, that you find it stressful at times but you are used to it and you have a system in place that allows you to deal with stress. This lets the nursing manager know that you are aware of the difficulties with nursing but that you do everything you can to overcome them.




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