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Nurses Interacting with Patients – Topics of Conversation

By Three Q PERMS on 17 July 2017

Just starting out in your nursing career and still a bit uneasy about interacting with patients? Here are a few pointers to remember:

  1. Speak Clearly: When talking to your patient, speak in slow, even tones so that you are easy to understand and make the patient feel at ease when speaking to you.
  2. Speak only as loud as you need to: Speaking louder than you need to can make the patient frustrated or feel insulted. Do your best to make the patient feel as much your equal as possible.
  3. Let the patient speak:  Try not to rush through your conversation with a patient. Having an illness can be a boring time and that one conversation with you may brighten up their day. Give them enough time to formulate a response and if possible be sure to listen to whatever they want to say.
  4. Speak Slowly: Don’t rush through your words; the patient may get overwhelmed by listening to you.
  5. Always acknowledge your patient: Especially when visitors are present it is easy to talk about the patient to them without acknowledging the patient, try not to do this as it may make them feel inadequate and insecure.
  6. Treat the patient as an adult: Try to refrain from telling a patient to do something, always ask, for example moving a patient ask them can they stand as opposed to telling them.
  7. Be Friendly: Some patients may not have as frequent visitors as others so it is important to try to be friendly at all times so they feel that they have someone to speak to at all times if possible.
  8. Ask Questions: Patients can very often be reluctant to ask for help so it is important not to assume that everything is ok and be sure to ask a variety o questions to be sure everything is ok with them.


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