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Nurses! - Try to Avoid Talking about Work on your Lunch Break

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 13 January 2017

As with all work places it is easy to carry over the workplace stresses to the lunch room. This is an awful mistake many people still make. Lunch time can be a very beneficial part of the day if you use it to set you up for the afternoon. It can allow you to clear away all the stresses and start afresh for the afternoon ahead. In the busy lives of nurses it is also understandable that due to long hour’s lunch time may be the only time of the day nurses actually have to get something done outside of their nursing duties.

Get Off Your Feet

Most professions are encouraged to get in some exercise on their break, go to the gym or go for a brisk walk, however due to the active nature of nursing and that you have been on your feet all day, taking some time to sit down and put your fit up is essential. Just sitting in the canteen or in a coffee shop can make a real difference to the strain on your legs.

Get some Fresh Air

Being inside all day can leave very little room for fresh air. Taking a few minutes to sit outside and can some fresh air can make a big difference and clear your head before the next leg of the shift.

Run an Errand

If you have something that needs to get done such as pay a bill, it can play on your mind, inhibiting your ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Using your lunch break to get this done can make you feel so much less stressed and you don’t have to worry about getting it done when your shift ends.

Meet a Friend

The life of a nurse can sometimes leave little room for socializing and it can be hard to keep in proper contact with friends and relatives at times. Using your lunch break to catch up with a friend can instantly improve your mood, while taking you away from the context of work for a few minutes and into the outside world. It is not good to speak about work while on lunch so meeting a friend is a great way to get the conversation in a different direction and clear your head.

Get Some Me Time

The hectic schedule of a nurse can mean that little things that you like to do get pushed aside, such a sitting down with a coffee or reading a book. If you find yourself stuck for time to do this in the evenings, make it your mission to have this me time on your lunch break.

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