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Top interview tips from DCU

By Three Q PERMS on 02 November 2016

With so many final year students here at DCU Nurse Fair today, we have some top tips we have picked up that we want to share with you as a lot of final year students are quite anxious about this. 

1. Be Organised

2. Prioritise - Match your experience with those on the job brief

3. Never use the 1st person - 'I learned this' / 'myresponsibilities were' are difficult to read - keep it simple

4. Keep formatting consistent - Pick one font and stick to it. Line spacing and margins need to be the same on every page

5. Do not use vague terms - be precise You are being interviewed by nurses so be specific and reassure them that you have the experience they are looking for.

Good luck and contact us for more information on nursing jobs.

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