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The future of student nurses in Ireland

By Three Q PERMS on 04 November 2016

DCU Nurse Fair took place on Wednesday of this week and it was a great success. The DCU nursing building was packed to the rafters with first and final year DCU nursing students taking full advantage of all the attending exhibitors to offer career advice and help in finding their dream jobs.

Nurse Jobs Ireland was on hand to offer career advice to first year students who were starting their studies and enthusiastic to learn of their career prospects at the end of their three years of hard study. Our top Nurse Jobs Ireland Recruiters, Mahy and Clare were on hand to listen to what student nurses hoped for in their future careers and advise them accordingly. 

Our Nurse Jobs Ireland DCU exhibition was inundated with final year DCU nursing students eager to learn of the job opportunities available to them now. Fortunately, we have nationwide nursing jobs available with top companies who are hiring graduates. Many nurses expressed an interest in moving out of Dublin and mentioned they were having difficulties finding more localised nursing work in Ireland. After speaking with Clare and Mahy they were reassured that their dream job in their desired location does exist and that Nurse Jobs Ireland can help nursing students to secure these jobs.

Ireland’s future nurses had a lot to say and we really listened. We had a good mix of students from Intellectual Disabilities, Psychiatry & General Nursing who shared some nursing insights with us on the day. . .

Where DCU graduate nurses see themselves in the future:

Sadly, many students we spoke with saw themselves building a career overseas. While mature students with families in Ireland and overseas students were dedicated to beginning their nursing careers within Ireland.

What nurses look for in an employer:

Unsurprisingly working hours, pay and location were top of the agenda. Peer recommendations held great weight among students nurses. They believed that a recommendation from another nurse working within the hiring company would impact their decision to work there.

DCU student nurses considered being part of a great team, excellent management and the facility itself were equally important. They trust that this information is available during the interview process. In addition to this, the level of career support and opportunities provided by a prospective employer will impact a student nurse’s decision on which job to accept.   

Why nurses leave Ireland:

One student nurse said that before she began her nursing studies, she spoke to her friends and acquaintances who were working as nurses in Ireland. She found that all of them loved what they did and found a great satisfaction in being a nurse. However, they also felt over-worked and under-paid and did not feel they necessarily got the support they needed. Overseas facilities were seen as better staffed and better equipped and therefore seen as a better choice. Besides better pay, students felt that that overseas employment was more flexible and they would have more choice in terms of training opportunities whereas nursing jobs in Ireland gets a lot of bad press with predominantly the bad stories being reported. We were delighted with the opportunity to discuss the great nursing jobs we have on offer in Nurse Jobs Ireland with this student who was surprised at the range of roles and the flexibility and great pay that is on offer by so many of the hiring companies.

How can Ireland get nurses to stay:

Overwhelmingly, students reported that increased support and better wages would encourage them to stay and work as a nurse in Ireland.

What Ireland needs to know about our nurses:

  • Nurses love their jobs. They’d just like more support, appreciation and pay;
  • Word-of-mouth works. Peer-to-peer recommendations from nurses working in the hospital/nursing home is an important factor when it comes to deciding whether to accept a job offer;
  • While hiring companies are assessing nurses at interview stage, nurses are also assessing these facilities. Another important factor that students take into consideration when choosing their employer is how the company and management comes across during the interview. Nurses are looking for people and places they’d fit in with, be accepted, encouraged and supported;
  • Celebrating the good is important. Bad stories tend to make the news. More positive press may help balance students perceptions working as a nurse in Ireland.

Read the highlights from Nurse Jobs Ireland  DCU Nurse Fair presentation here.

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