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New Educational Tools for Healthcare Staff

By Three Q PERMS on 05 October 2016

The Irish Hospice Foundation was established 20 years ago to fund and develop specific hospice services in Ireland. Since 1986, their services have developed and expanded further and today they support the needs of people dying in hospitals, at home and in other care settings. They work to help all patients with life limiting illness to access the care they need. 

 Their mission is to achieve dignity, comfort and choice for all people facing the end of life. 

In addition to these services, The Irish Hospice Foundation promote discussions on a broad range of issues related to dying, death and bereavement. These discussions identify what people living in Ireland really need and want at the end of life and identify ways to best address their concerns. From these discussions a lack of educational tools was identified in the area of dementia palliative care practice, guidance and resources among healthcare staff.

The Irish Hospice Foundation developed a suite of seven guidance documents and factsheets to support healthcare and social care staff working with people with dementia from all care settings in addressing specific aspects of dementia palliative care and enabling excellence in end of life care for people with dementia.

These documents are relevant across all care settings and all stage of dementia and are free to download:

  1. Facilitating discussion on future and end-of-life care with a person with dementia
  2. Advance care planning and advance healthcare directives with a person with dementia
  3. Loss and grief in dementia
  4. Management of hydration and nutrition
  5. Pain assessment and management
  6. Ethical decision making in end-of-life care and the person with dementia
  7. Medication and dementia palliative assessment and management

For more information on the amazing work that The Irish Hospice Foundation do, please click here.

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