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How to Uplift a Nursing Co-Workers Day

By Three Q PERMS on 28 October 2016

Listen To Them

When we have a bad experience we usually want to tell someone who is willing to listen to us. It helps the pain of the incident be less bearable when we share it and it makes us feel better about the situation. The nursing profession is also very unique in that nurses go through a lot of situations that may not be relatable to the outside world. So as a fellow nurse if you can provide a listening ear for five minutes it can make a bad situation feel so much better. 

Remind them about their strengths

A nursing co-worker having a bad shift needs to be reminded that they have strengths. When things go wrong, naturally, someone tends to feel that they aren’t doing a good job. Especially when dealing with patients it is easy for them to take out their frustration about their situation on staff and nurses need to be reminded that this is not a reflection on them personally.  Remind them that they are a good worker and that this is just a bad day. Tell them that tomorrow will be better. This will bring back their confidence.

Help Out Where You Can

One of the best things you can do for a co-worker having a tough day is to help them reduce their stress in their nursing job. If you have time to help with some of their tasks, offer your assistance. The ward can be a tough place on your own so an ethos of teamwork really needs to be adapted. When you take the time to help a co-worker who is having a bad shift, they will return the favour when it’s your turn.

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