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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nursing in Ireland

By Three Q PERMS on 31 May 2016

Nursing in Ireland provides plenty of opportunity and variety for your nursing career. Nurses are in high demand because of their ability to complete many primary care services.

While Ireland's health care system is modern and reasonably efficient, there is no doubt that change is needed to improve patient facilities, reduce waiting lists and develop better working conditions for medical staff, especially nurses. This change is happening, albeit slowly, and Irelands Health Service will continue to strive forward with its improvement plans, including building new hospitals. This investment and growth in the Irish Health Service will provide new career opportunities for nurses. Now is a great time to get in on the ground level and witness the development first hand.

While there are temporary hiring difficulties in the public sector at the moment, there are still plenty of nurse job opportunities in the private sector that are actively recruiting nurses throughout Ireland. Permanent nursing employment contracts are available with some offering 39 hour weeks.

Ireland offers nurses a competitive salary scale of (€27,483-€43,800), pension and investment in further education for each nursing career. Nursing supports offered to nurses include sponsorship of post-graduate formal academic courses that will facilitate career progression as well as a training bursary from Nurse Jobs Ireland.

A disadvantage to nursing in Ireland is the cost of living here, especially rental costs. The competitive salary offered to nurses is nationwide and the cost of living is not as expensive as Dublin. There are nurse jobs in Cork, Limerick and Clare which also offer city lifestyles. However, there is a travel card you are entitled to that is tax deductible so you can live outside Dublin city centre.

Staff shortages can make a stressful working environment at times, as well as shift work playing havoc with your sleeping patterns and the physical demands of a nursing position can be seen as a disadvantage of being a nurse in Ireland. Despite this these demands are a global problem with nurses. Nurses in Ireland are highly regarded by their patients and the public and often thought of as the backbone of the Irish Health Service. Read, first-hand, how appreciated Irish nurses are here.  

If you want an amazing nursing career where you are supported and cherished, Ireland must be your number one choice!

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