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How to Showcase Your Time in Nursing College in an Interview

By Three Q PERMS on 29 March 2016

How to Showcase your Time in Nursing College in an Interview

There are a few characteristics that a nurse must have and through your time in nursing college you should have had experience with them all, having the ability to give an example of each of these characteristics through your time at college can make you a very attractive candidate for the job.

1.Are you a good communicator?

Nurses are constantly communicating: listening to patients and their families, giving important medical information, and working with other nurses and doctors.  Having an example of good communication skills from college for example, being in a team and communicating information to the rest of the team demonstrates your ability with these skills. 

2. Are you emotionally strong?

Emotional strength and stability will be your cornerstone: As a nurse, you’ll be helping others deal with their stress while managing your own. You will constantly be exposed to the realities of human suffering, and possibly to stressful medical emergencies. Even when long work shifts or a fast-paced environment are wearing you down, you’ll need an emotional reserve to help you provide quality care. Showing an example of where you were able to multi task is a great way of demonstrating your strength, for example if you did extracurricular activities along with your college work or perhaps volunteered alongside your college work.

3. Are you empathetic?

One of the greatest qualities a nurse can have is the ability to connect with patients emotionally, to understand the patient’s needs and motivations when they are hurting, tired, and frustrated. The ability to be empathetic—or to put yourself in another person’s shoes—may be found more among nurses than in any other professional field. It can be hard to demonstrate these skills but if possible if you could get yourself a HR position with a college society or something that interests you to show your involvement and skills associated with helping and listening to people.

4. Are you patient and calm?

As a nurse, you will face difficult patients, conflicts, confusion and stress. Your mission is to provide excellent care, no matter what is happening around you. Nurses have to “be on” even during times when you may not be feeling your best. That may include the need to swallow your own frustration and work together with patients and co-workers, even when they rub you the wrong way. An example here could be how you reacted to stress or a problem in team work.

5. Do you pay attention to detail?

Nurses must be in tune with the tiniest details. Doctors and patients will all be counting on you to arrange the correct treatments and medicines, at exactly the right time. You will constantly be double-checking details and protecting against mistakes. If you completed a thesis or big paper this is a great example of your attention to detail.

6. Do you have good physical endurance?

Want to see a true athlete? Look no further than the person who works 12 hours on her feet. Nurses are well-known for their dedication to hard work, but even the most dedicated person can get worn out without the fitness and physical stamina to last a full shift. Are you ready to wear through a pair of nursing shoes? This is where you can speak about your extra-curricular activities, do you enjoy physical activity, and maybe you took part in a marathon of your choice?

It’s all about relating your time in college to skills that nurses need and that nursing managers are looking for.


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