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2016 General Election – Points to consider in Healthcare

By Three Q PERMS on 25 February 2016

It can be difficult to assess what is being offered by each party and which would benefit you more, here is a quick breakdown of some of what the party’s are offering in health under a few key areas.

Hiring of Healthcare Staff

Fine Gael  - A workforce plan that adds 4,400 frontline service staff to our health services by 2021, including 600 hospital consultants, doctors and dentists, 2,800 nurses and an extra 1,000 health and social care

Fianna Fail – An enhanced role for nursing and more nurses recruited

Labour - Recruit 5,500 healthcare professionals to reduce waiting lists and overcrowding in hospitals

Sinn Fein - Recruit 6,600 additional frontline health workers, including consultants, nurses, midwives, dentists and allied health professionals.

Green Party - Public Health Nurses at an advanced level that would look after patients in their own home. These nurses would have the power to get extra services for patients based on medical need.


Home/Community Care

Fianna Fail - Fundamental shift in health towards primary and community care, more treatment of chronic illness in community setting, Expanded role for community pharmacists, 5,000 extra home care packages and more home help hours

Labour- Introduce a new National Community Health Service providing free GP care for all

Green Party - Telephone and Internet services to help patients deal with illness. These

Services would be provided by experienced nurses, doctors or pharmacists

Who would be able to arrange care for patients in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time, some patients would be fast-tracked into hospital beds, while others could have appointments made for them with their family doctor at the earliest opportunity, Increased numbers of advanced Paramedics who could treat patients in their own homes, so that they would not need to come to hospital, Extended services in community pharmacy. More investment in family doctor (General Practice) services to allow for minor procedures and specialist services to take place outside of hospitals.

Sinn Fein - Increase home help hours and home care packages.


Hospital/ Facility Development

Fine Gael - New Children’s Hospital at St. James’s and satellite centres in Blanchardstown and Tallaght, the new National Forensic Medicine Campus in Portrane and the new National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire also 75-bed ward block at Galway University Hospital and a new Emergency Department in Limerick University Hospital. A new National Maternity Hospital, transfer of the Central Mental Hospital to a new site

Fianna Fail - Dedicated unit within the Department of Health to examine the potential health impact of policies proposed by other departments.

Labour - Create a better functioning hospital system

Green Party - Community “polyclinics” such as those found across Europe, where people could access a range of health and mental health services, on a drop-in basis

Renua - RENUA Ireland is committed to the construction of the National Children’s Hospital as a vital piece of national health infrastructure, l on a more suitable site on the outskirts of Dublin

Sinn Fein - Increase the number of hospital beds per 1,000 of the population from the current level of less than 4 to 4.6, with a view to further raising this ratio. Increase nursing home beds by 3,800


Changes to the health system

Fine Gael - HSE will eventually be dismantled and replaced by a Health Commission which will focus on better management of hospitals. 21st century IT health infrastructure, including the individual health identifier, e-referral, the electronic health or patient record and an online booking system

Fianna Fail - Dedicated unit within the Department of Health to examine the potential health impact of policies proposed by other departments

Labour - Create a better functioning hospital system


Changes to Payment schemes

Fine Gael - New children’s dental programme, Teenagers and children will get free GP care, Free GP care for the under 6s and over 70s

Fianna Fail - Expansion of free GP care based on means

Labour - Reduce the threshold of the Drug Payment Scheme to €100 for families and €75 for single persons and lower prescription charges capped at €20 per month

Renua - Move towards fully funding annual dental check-ups and a complete, thorough annual health check via a GP

Sinn Fein - We will abolish the €100 charge for the use of emergency Departments and the €75 per day charge for inpatient care


Mental Health Services

Fine Gael - Transfer of the Central Mental Hospital to a new site

Fianna Fail - A national Mental Health Authority

Labour - Improve access to mental health services

Renua - RENUA Ireland supports the increase of the share of the health budget for mental health services to 7%

Sinn Fein - Increase the mental health budget







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