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Miss America Contestant mocked for wearing scrubs for her talent!

By Three Q PERMS on 15 January 2016

Beauty pageants have a reputation for focusing on beauty and talent and not taking much interest in the lives of the contestants. However one contestant chose to make it about her profession and in doing so ignited the support of the nursing community around the world when her efforts were mocked by talk show hosts.

The beauty queen nurse who graced the Miss America stage in scrubs faced undeserving ridicule after giving an inspirational speech. During the talent section of the contest Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson went against the pageant's traditional song and dance routine, instead appearing on the Boardwalk Hall stage in purple scrubs and running shoes.

The 22-year-old used this time to explain to the Atlantic City audience about the moment she realised she was not just a nurse, but a "lifesaver".

She went on recount her experience nursing Joe, a dementia patient who suffered from night terrors. Johnson said she would calm Joe down by waking him up and holding his hand. But when he asked her if she could change his treatment or medication, she would respond: "I can't, I'm just a nurse. “Johnson said she helped Joe in other ways, discussing his grandchildren or chuckling about her statuesque height. One night, the laughter turned to tears when Johnson found Joe crying in his room. The nurse told her elderly patient his disease did not define him. Joe surprised Johnson by saying the same went for her. “Although you say it all the time, you are not just a nurse... You have changed my life because you have cared about me," Joe said.


Following her inspiring speech the hosts of the popular TV show The View were less than praising of the inspiring woman’s speech. Stating that she basically just “read her emails aloud” as her talent. The women's comments sparked a litany of memes and tweets, in which nurses across the global nursing community sparked the #nursesunite and #mytalentisnursing trends. The response was so strong that The View women later offered an apology. "I want to say, we love nurses, if you're watching, we adore you, respect you. Clap for the nurses". 


Johnson placed second runner-up to Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell but her inspiring story won the hearts of many and was a great example of letting a person’s beauty from the inside shine through. Johnson said comments on "The View" were a blessing in disguise. Maybe now, she said, nurses will get the respect they deserve.




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