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New Web Tool to Curb Emergency Department Waiting Times

By Katie McGarr on 19 October 2015

A new online tool is being created in Northern Ireland in order to tackle long wait times in the Winter Months.

The new online source will show the estimated waiting times in Northern Ireland’s Emergency Departments allowing patients to choose the smallest wait time.

Around £4 Million is being located in Northern Ireland to combat the Emergency Department wait times over the winter.

During 2014/15 around 3’000 people spent more than 12 hours waiting in emergency departments. However this is a significant decrease from 2011/2012 where the figures reached 10’000.

Valerie Watts, chief executive of the HSCB said this clearly showed that the implemented plans are already having a great effect.

"The plan now is for the PHA and the Board to take up the task of ensuring over the next few years that we bring that figure down to absolutely no one having to wait over 12 hours," she said.

As well as this new system a new initiative is being taken in an effort to have less need to go to an Emergency Room.New structures are hoping to link GP’s to a Local Network Community made up of clinicians, managers, community care and patient representatives , this new iniative aims to bring as few people as possible to Emergency Departments. Instead this will allow more people to be treated at home where they have the best chance of recovery.

Northern Ireland has seen a significant decrease in its waiting times for Emergency Departments, With a Nurse Strike looming over Emergency room overcrowding in Ireland should we be following their lead?


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