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INMO Emergency Department Crisis Meeting Takes place Today

By Katie McGarr on 05 October 2015

As we move into the Critical Winter Months, what is to be done about the Emergency Room Crisis in Ireland’s Hospitals?

Today (October 5th ,2015)  Leo Varadkar TD, Minister for Health will  attend a meeting set up by the INMO to tackle the shocking number of patients left on Trolleys in Ireland’s Emergency Rooms,

From its latest statistics (based on August 2015) the INMO found that 6,518 admitted patients have been left on trolleys in the Emergency Department.  This is a 40% increase compared to August 2014, more disturbingly the number of patients on Trolleys has continued to increase in every month of 2015.

As we enter the Christmas months this number seems set to continue on this dangerous trend.

Speaking about these numbers Liam Doran (General Secretary of the INMO) said;

“This is the fourteenth month in a row when, year on year, the level of overcrowding has deepened with patient care compromised, on a daily basis, as a result.

We are now beginning the early autumn/winter period, which will only see, in the absence of emergency measures, the overcrowding situation worsen still further as demand continues to grow against the background of staff and bed shortages.”

What can be done about the Emergency Room Crisis in Ireland?

This Crisis meeting hopes to show the minister of Health the request of extra funding for the HSE and Emergency Departments is essential to patient care and saving lives.

A number of Emergency Room Nurses from around the country will be there today today to represent their Hospital, busy Naas Hospital being just one.

Naas like most if not all Emergency Departments has had a significant increase in 2015 and fears for the busy Winter Months grow.  2,694 patients, admitted to Naas General were on trolleys in the first 9 months of 2015, compared with 1,977 the previous year.

Tomorrow (October 6th) the INMO receive feedback from this national meeting and give formal sanction to whatever actions the Emergency Department Representatives recommend.

What do you think should be done to tackle the Emergency Department Crisis in Ireland?

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