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Beauty Queen Nurse Criticises HSE for Student Nurses Lack of Pay

By Katie McGarr on 18 September 2015

RTE’s new show ‘The Nurses’ follows 6 recently graduated Nurses in some of Ireland’s busiest Hospitals and Institutions. Linda Creedon,(22), A star of the new show (and former beauty queen) has heavily criticised the HSE for the severe wage gap for Student Nurses. Student Nurses do placement in both 1st, 3rd and 4th year however they do not receive pay until their 4th year which is less than minimum wage while working full time.

In an Interview with the Irish Mirror  Linda explained the difficulties of being a student Nurse and being unable to keep a part time Job.

“In first year and third year we do so much placement and we don’t get paid for that which I understand but in fourth year we do a nine month internship from January to September, working full time hours, night shifts, day shifts and we don’t even get paid minimum wage.”

Linda also explained that as an intern you are at the bottom of the pole in a hospital and being added into a demanding financial situation makes it more difficult.

However even when suffering depression Linda never moved from her dream of being a Nurse and following in her Auntie’s footsteps. The former Miss Tipperary always enjoyed modelling as a hobby but her true passion has always been Nursing.  

What is the problem?

Nurses have the most difficult Job and they are the ones who connect the most with the patients, although we all claim to love and support Nurses do we show it? Just last week a Beauty Queen in America chose to wear her Scrubs and talk about her experiences as a Nurse rather than sing or dance which is the norm. Although thousands of people supported and applauded her she still faced a backlash from those around the world. The Hosts of the View ( An American Talk show) criticised her for wearing her scrubs as well as a ‘Doctor’s Stethoscope’ while completely ignoring what she said.

The have since apologised for their comments as many of the Advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson, who are well known for their support of Nurses, pulled out.

What do you think could be done to support not only student Nurses but Nurses worldwide to show we care?

Thanks to the Irish Mirror for the interview with Linda Creedon.


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