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Advantages and Disadvantages of Temp Nursing Jobs

By on 16 July 2015

For some nurses temping can be the perfect Nurse Job and for others it can be useful for extra money or to fill a career gap in between nursing jobs.

Like all aspects of nursing recruitment there are advantages and disadvantages to Temp Nursing.

What are the advantages of taking up a temp Nurse job with Nurse Jobs Ireland or any other nursing recruitment agency?

  1. The hours of a temp nurse job may be more suitable than other nursing positions you are looking at. This could be suitable for mothers with young children or nurses who are studying to further their nurse career.

  2. It fills in the gaps on your CV - a gap in experience needed for the next job or a gap in your employment history.

  3. A Temp Nurse job can also be a great way to test the waters of a certain area of nursing you might not have had experience in before. For example Detox Nurses working in clinics for homelessness can gain experience they would not have gotten in a hospital setting. This way you can be sure when applying for permanent full time nursing positions.

  4. If you are temping and are interested in gaining a full time nurse job then temping can open the door to full time nursing positions.Top of Form

  5. A Temp Nurse Job can provide all the benefits of full time nursing  positions but the flexible hours are more suited to your lifestyle

Like all nursing recruitment blogs we must also state the disadvantages of a Temp Nurse Job.

  1. Unfortunately in some temp nurse job situations the other employees may isolate you as you are not there full time and your hours can be irregular. This depends on the company and the style of management.

  2. You may have to travel to various locations if your temp nurse job is based in different units. Some nurses prefer the variety of caring for different patients in different environments.

  3. The hours are not as stable as full time nursing positions this can have an effect on your income at the end of the week.

A Temp Nurse Job like all nurse jobs has its good points and its bad points. It really depends on your own lifestyle and what suits you.

If you are interested in Temp Nursing with Nurse Jobs Ireland in the Dublin area why not get in contact with us at or visit our website.



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