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Stress Management

By on 18 June 2015


Minister for Health Leo Varadkar was offered the opportunity to work a 12 hour shift in A&E. He politely turned it down, he is a trained Doctor and surely knows too well the stresses of working in A&E and even more so these days due to overcrowding and staff shortages. The frontline staff especially nurses are dealing with the brunt of all this.

So how can you deal with pressure and stress within the workplace especially within high pressure nursing jobs such as A&E. Check out these tips to help you manage your stress levels. Studies have shown how stress can lead to Type 2 Diabetes so do yourself a favour and take a chill pill.

1.      Take A Deep Breath

Simple as it sounds it actually works. You have a troublesome patient and another million things to do and you just don’t know where to start. Take a moment it might be in the toilet or in the medical supplies room and breathe. This can help to restore balance and help you to focus.

2.      Eat Right And Sleep Well

A good healthy diet will make sure you have the sufficient energy and brain power to get through the Nursing day job or the dreaded night shift. Foods that are high in sugar may give you a short burst of energy but you will crash down off it and feel worse off. Sleep patterns can be affected by shift work for some Nurses so try and keep to a routine the weeks you are not on night duty.

3.      Identify triggers that set your Stress levels soaring

Certain things can set you off and send your stress levels through the roof. Try to identify these triggers and plan how you will manage them. It could be your colleague or your superior who might just know what buttons to press. If this is the case then make a conscious decision on how you are going to deal with them. Once you change your perception your behaviour will also begin to change.

   Beat those Nurse Jobs stresses back where they belong and take control of your stress levels. If you have any of your own Stress Management tips send them into Nurse Jobs Ireland at


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