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Are you tired of your nursing job?

By on 29 May 2015

Are you looking for that nursing career that is a bit different from the norm? Are you tired of working as a Staff Nurse in an acute setting? Would you like to try a different area of nursing or go for a completely new type of nursing job?

Nurse Jobs Ireland can take you through some of the more interesting jobs for nursing that Nurse Jobs Ireland have available and some nursing positions that are well and truly untraditional.


Detox Nurse

Detox centres work with patients who abuse of alcohol and other illegal substances. Although alcohol and illegal substance abuse is more common addiction it is not the only addictions Detox Nurses have to deal with in modern society. Some people are addicted to food, others are addicted to the internet or it can be a gambling addiction. A Detox Nurse needs to have good patience and also be able to understand their patients so they can begin to help them on the road to recovery. Some Detox Nursing positions you will have to deal with homelessness, chronic drug and alcohol addiction.

Ambulance Nurse

An ambulance nursing job can offer a very different aspect to nursing. It may only be suited to certain types of nurses. Being a nurse is challenging at the best of times and this certainly could be one of the most challenging jobs for nursing. The right nurse will be responsible for providing care for patients requiring transport from referring health care facility to a secondary/tertiary health care centre, or from homes to homes, rehab centres. This nursing position involves performing medical procedures in accordance with medical service policies and procedures manual, medical protocols manual, along with other related duties.

Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational Health Nurses are registered general nurses who observe and assess worker's health statuses with respect to job tasks and hazards. Using specialised experience and education, these nurses recognise and prevent workplace hazardous exposures and treat workers' injuries/illnesses.

Occupational Health Nurses bring their nursing expertise to all industries including meat packing, manufacturing, construction and healthcare.  They have special knowledge of workplace hazards and understand industrial hygiene principles of engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.


Practice Nurse Job

A Practice Nurse Job can be a great option for nurses who want more flexibility with their shifts or for agency nurses who may want to work some extra hours as well as their own Nurse job. A Nurse Job in a GP Clinic or health centre in your local area is usually where you might find a friendly practice nurse.

A Practice Nurse Job is an important part of any General Practice service provision. And over the past few years the role has become even more important as the demand for nurses including practice nurses has risen.  The work load and demands on General Practice Nurse Jobs have risen due to the need for management of chronic disease, a shift to primary based care and advent of contracts between General Practice and Primary Care. The Practice Nurse Job will carry out the following duties on a day to day basis such as providing health promotion, carry out vaccinations, dressings, smear tests, knowledge of chronic disease management, Injections and assisting with surgical interventions and Smoking cessation.


There are also Nurses who will move out of the nursing field altogether and may work in other areas of the healthcare industry such as organising healthcare conferences or become authors of articles for medical journals or using your industry expertise and applying it to the recruitment of nurses. Some say a job in nursing is a job for life but this is not the case for many nurses.



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