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7 Deadly Interview Sins

By on 21 May 2015

Deadly Interviews Sins

Have you or do you currently commit any of the 7 Deadly Sins? Nurses are the Angels of society but are you when it comes to your job hunting?

So if they are committed so often in everyday life how are we committing them when looking for a Nursing Job?

1. Pride

It really is a carnal sin to go an interview unprepared. At a minimum, make sure you have read over the job description and visited the company website to read about them.  It is also a good idea to prepare yourself for questions that you may be asked beforehand. Giving Short and Quick answers can be just as bad as rambling on with a long answer.

2. Sloth

Although unavoidable sometimes, arriving past the scheduled time really shows you as someone who is unprofessional. If it really can’t be avoided, call as far in advance as possible to let the interviewer know.


3. Envy

A sure sign of someone who is unprofessional is someone who doesn’t make the effort in their appearance. Men should always be clean shaven. All hair should be tidy, keep jewellery to a minimum and make sure hands and finger nails are clean.


4. Gluttony

Turn off your phone! Even a vibration can distract so it best to not even leave it on silent. This may seem obvious but do not eat food, drink or chew gum either.


5. Wrath

You may have despised your last boss but there are subtle ways of expressing this. Completely slamming a past employer will simply lead the interviewer to believe you are untrustworthy and hard to work with.


6. Greed and Lust

Unless the interviewer brings it up, the position’s salary generally should not be alluded to at interviews. If you mention money the employer is likely to believe it is your only motivation and may be turned off.


Follow the above guidlelines and turn your devilish habits around and become the ideal candidate.


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