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What would you ask Leo to do to improve the situation for Nurses?

By on 16 April 2015

In 2014 there were 8,119 Nurses working abroad this was up from 7,705 in 2013.

 In 2014 2,369 new Nurses registered on the system.  One thing is clear there are not enough Nurses to cover the demand and this problem will continue to grow year on year.

Our MD Cora Barnes was involved in a discussion today on 96 FMs opinion line regarding the recent reports of bullying that has been brought to light by the INMO survey.

According to the INMO 6% of 2400 Nurses interviewed reported bullying on a daily basis. The general consensus on this is the shortage of staff and added pressure on the front line staff is the most probable explanation. So what is being done to rectify this situation?

 The Emergency Department has created a Taskforce Action Plan by Minister for Health Leo Varadkar and Minister of State Kathleen Lynch and Liam Doran who is a general secretary of the Irish Nurses’ and Midwives’ Organisation, and joint chair of the Emergency Department Taskforce to try to deal with some of these issues. The Taskforce Action Plan has addresses the following issues below.

  • The Government must allocate additional resources to the health service, so that it can open closed beds, (both acute and continuing care), and restore community-based nursing and home-help services
  • Expand the bed capacity in the acute hospitals facing the highest levels of overcrowding.  Open publicly funded long-term care beds in specific areas, ie North County Dublin and Louth/Meath and this is provided for in the new action plan.
  • Recruit additional nursing and other frontline staff, to allow these expanded services be safely staffed.
  • The Government must improve hospital practices leading to cross-consultant discharge, delegated discharge and expanded roles by nurses, including the ordering of diagnostics. They must also see consultants from core specialities (ie medicine/surgery) present, on a rostered basis, during the extended working day.
  • Sustained, investment in primary care leading to the provision of services on a 7/7 basis.

To make improvements there is a need for the Taskforce Action Plan and Front line staff to Collaborate and Communicate’ to hear what they think is needed to ensure they are not out of sync with the people who are dealing with the hospital staffing crisis day in and day out.

If you had the chance ‘What would you ask Leo to improve the situation for nurses? We want to hear your opinions here

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