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The Age Demographic of Ireland is rising

By on 03 April 2015

The Age demographic of Ireland is rising, but why are we not preparing to keep up with the Aging Population?

 Anybody working in the Nursing Home sector will know that there is more of a demand for places for residents within these Nursing Homes whether it is in the Private sector or Public Sector. Our aging population is a good sign people are living longer due to the access and benefits of modern medicine.


Current research demonstrates that the demand for long-term residential care doubles for those aged 85-plus when compared with those in the 80-84 age group.

Unlike when we had the baby boom, as a country we have made little or no preparations for the care requirements of our older old – those aged 80-plus.

For some people they have no other options but to seek care in an acute hospital setting which would be a higher cost to the state than that of a nursing home.

This kind of situation is emotionally hard for the person and their loved ones.

For that reason, Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) commissioned an independent report called Health’s Ageing Crisis: Time for Action which is available on their website,  The aim of this report is to start a debate to get some sort of action plan together for the future of our Aging Population.

You can see the full article here (Daly Tadhg. (2014). Time to start planning for our demographic me bomb. 

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