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Five Ways to Spring Clean your CV

By on 03 April 2015

Five Ways to Spring Clean your CV

Spring is here (apparently) the weather is beginning to clear up (apparently) we are all spring cleaning our homes (apparently). Ok so none of the above may be true at the moment but when it comes to your CV, a Spring Clean could help you land your next nursing job.

Below are five quick fix ways to make your CV more attractive and land your ideal nurse job.

1. Eye for Detail

Do a quick scan of your CV and make sure it is formatted the same throughout. You should use the same font type and size and if you use bold or italics make sure it is only on headings or something you are trying to highlight.

2. Elevator Pitch

This should be a brief statement at the beginning of your CV stating why you should be considered for the nurse job. This is your opportunity to sell yourself here in make it good case it may be the only part the employer looks at.

3. Call Me!

Check your address, phone number and email address and edit them if they have changed recently. Some people like to add their LinkedIn Profile URL now too. If you work shifts it might be a good idea to state when you are available to take a call so you are not answering your phone half asleep.

Also remember a lot of employers will search your online profiles so make sure they are acceptable or lock them down.

4. Get Active

Using  action verbs in your CV really make it come alive. Make sure to include as many as possible, especially in descriptions of your experience and skills. 'Managed a team of nurses', 'Oversaw care plans', 'Developed’  are just a few that always work well.

5. Mind the Gap

Employers and Recruiters do not want to see gaps in your work history when you submit your CV to them. If you did not work for a period of time make sure to include why, so that they can piece together your work history.

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