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Why did you become a Nurse?

By on 18 March 2015


Why did you become a Nurse? Are you still happy you decided to enter the nursing profession?

People say Nursing is a vocation or a calling and many nurses may feel this way but what are the reasons that you decided to become a nurse? Becoming a nurse is not something that can be taken lightly. First of all you have to complete a four year nursing or midwifery degree which I am sure the most recent of nursing graduates will tell you is not an easy task.

Some nurses know from a young age that nursing is the career path they want to take and it is the only option they feel is for them. For other nurses they might start their nursing career later on in life. A lot of people go back to school at night to get into a nursing degree programme. This shows true dedication and passion.

Another reason many nurses go into a medical career path is because of a personal experience in their own life. They may have taken care of an ill friend of family member and realised this kind of job is fulfilling.

It takes a very special type of person to carry out a nursing job with care compassion and we at Nurse Jobs Ireland are grateful to all the hard working dedicated nurses who work day and night to keep our hospitals and healthcare system operating.

If you are as thankful for the nurses in our world or you want to thank a nurse personally then why not join our campaign?

Celebrate Nurses our Everyday Heroes and Leave a Comment showing you care.

If you are a nurse thank yourself or thank a colleague, spread the nurse love and help us reach tro keep on Celebrating Nurses.

Let us know the reason you becam a nurse by commenting below 

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