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Who is a Nurse Manager in Ireland and what do they do?

By on 11 February 2015

Who is a Nurse Manager?

A Nurse Manager is a senior level nursing professional who directs all nursing care activities within a facility. This includes both patient care and operational duties. Usually nurses in the acute hospital setting move from staff nurse positions to Nurse Managers within two to three years. This depends on the nurse and their career progression choices

All nurses have management roles, but some career paths are more management-orientated than others. In addition to a formal education, candidates for this role must typically possess prior professional experience within both nursing and staff management.

As you become more senior, you may have less hands-on nursing responsibility. Progression to a Nurse Manager depends on the development of management skills and level of specialist knowledge.

What are the main responsibilities for a Nurse Manager?

Patient Care

First and foremost, a nurse manager develops the policies and procedures surrounding the care of patients within a facility by creating and communicating these goals with the entire nursing team.


Personnel Management

Performing various operational and human resources tasks, a Nurse Manager hires, trains and manages the nursing staff of a facility, fostering a safe and pleasant work environment.


A Nurse Manager is aware of facility procedures and laws that regulate the healthcare industry, and ensures that each member of the nursing staff operates within the confines of these policies.


To become a Nurse Manager within the Elder Care Sector, you must possess at least a four year degree in Gerontology, post graduate diploma in Dementia and up to four years practicing experiences as a registered nurse.


Nurse Managers can earn between €21-€23. Like all job this can vary between the public and private sector as well as between different companies.

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