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What is a Detox Nurse Job and is it for me?

By on 27 February 2015

If you are looking for a nursing job with a bit of edge, something different, then a nursing job as a Detox Nurse could be the career path for you. 

In this day and age there is an increased demand for Detox centres as the abuse of alcohol and other illegal substances becomes more dominant in society. Alcohol and illegal substance abuse is not the only addictions Detox Nurses have to deal with in modern society. Some people are addicted to food, others are addicted to the internet or it can be a gambling addiction. A Detox Nurse needs to have good patience and also be able to understand their patients so they can begin to help them on the road to recovery.

As part of a Detox Nurse Job you would offer on-going support, advice and advocacy to vulnerable adults. The Detox Nursing Job would include assessing the health needs of your patients, addressing their physical, social and psychological and health promotion needs through counselling and other activities. The Detox Nurse is responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of service users while undergoing the detox process in conjunction with a visiting GP and members of the detox team.

As part of a Detox Nursing Job or any career be it nursing with patients with addiction it is essential to build a trusting relationship between nurse and patient. All nurse jobs require a certain amount of empathy and understanding but a Detox Nurse Job requires nurses to go a bit further so that is why this type of nursing job is not suited to all personalities.

A Detox Nurse will facilitate groups through an effective health education and promotion programme in order to ensure service users receive relevant information for making informed decisions about their future. Getting through an addiction can be a slow and painful process and many Detox Nurses will tell you it can be a challenging nursing job at the best of times.  Addiction patients are a different type of patient so nurses must act to enhance the dignity and integrity of patients by applying strategies to promote self-esteem, including identifying and using appropriate support networks.

A Detox Nurse Job will only be suited to a certain type of personality and most nurses who work in this area love their job and find it fulfilling as well as challenging. If Detox Nursing is an area you would like to go into with your nursing career contact Nurse Jobs Ireland and we can give you more information.


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