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Did you train outside of the EU or EEA?

By on 02 February 2015

When it comes to applying for a Nursing Job outside of the EU and EEA it is a bit more complicated when assessing the application. Unlike some applications from within the EU that get automatic recognition when applying.

The process works by comparing your training directly against the NMBI’s set requirements and standard as well as this your application will need a full educational assessment. There are also a few other requirements you will need before making your application.

To apply for registration you must:

•    Hold a current registration or licence to practice from the country you qualified

•    Have 5 years’ experience working as a Nurse

•    Meet language competence requirements

•    Have completed extra courses leading to registration as a first level Nurse, if you hold the following qualifications: state enrolled nurse, state certified nurse, licensed practical nurse, vocational nurse, nurse’s aide, and an associate degree (United States)

If you meet the requirements you must complete the Registration Application Request Form and pay the assessment fee.

Registration fee

If you application is accepted you will also need to pay a registration fee

. €145, if this is your first time registering with NMBI

. €80, if you are already registered with NMBI

If you are issued with a decision that you must undertake a period of adaptation and assessment to be eligible to join the Register, then you will only need to pay the registration fee if you successfully complete your adaptation and assessment placement.



When the NMBI receive you basic documents they will assess your application.

The assessment will be different, depending on which application group you belong to:

Group 2 & 3 assessment

Having checked all your basic documents and any further information received, they will now send your application to our Education Department for a full educational assessment The assessor will also calculate whether the theory and clinical content of your training programme meets requirements.


Outcome of the assessment

You will then be sent a decision letter letting you know the following;

Refused registration
Required to successfully complete a period of adaptation and assessment before registration
Required to send further information so that we can make a final decision on your application
Assessment fee

If you are applying for registration with NMBI for the first time, then you need to pay an assessment fee of €350 which is non-refundable.

For more detailed information on the application process visit

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