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Nurse Job Interview Tips

By on 09 February 2015

Nursing Job Interview Tips

There are certain tips to follow for any nurse attending an interview for roles ranging from healthcare and nursing assistants, staff nurses at all grades, practice, district and registered nurses and directors of nurses.

Usually, nursing interviews take place in front of a panel or with an individual and the candidate will be asked a series of questions exploring their skills, qualifications and experience.

The types of questions likely to be asked fall under 4 main categories

1. Training and Qualifications: In this category you should expect questions exploring your understanding of governance, clinical effectiveness, as well as your understanding of medical terminology.

2. Previous Experience: The interviewer will ask questions based on your experience that is shown on your CV. They may ask for examples from a previous position where you displayed a particular skill.

3. Core Competencies: This relates to key skills required for the particular role, such as good time management, ability to manage a team, effective communication and patient care skills and the application of your technical medical knowledge.

4. Personality and Motivation: Your reasons for applying for the role or for choosing your area of specialisation.

Expect 3-4 questions on each area along with questions relating to your understanding of issues and targets within the organisation, whether it be in the public or private sector.

You should expect the majority of your questions to be Competency Based and Behavioural.

For example, how would you answer these questions?

'Talk us through an example which shows how you dealt effectively with an Emergency situation.'

'Describe a time when you used your communication skills to improve the care for one of your patients

'How would you go about ensuring that you improve the quality of the care you give to your patients?'

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