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Are you a trained Nurse or Midwife who completed training within the EU?

By on 03 February 2015

Nurse Jobs Ireland

Over the past few months we have had a number of emails into Nurse Jobs Ireland from Nurses who have trained outside Ireland. If you have completed your  training within the EU there is a number of directives set out. The EU Directive 2005/36/EC lists the dates that each country implemented the EU standards for the training of General Nurses and midwives.

Automatic Recognition

If you trained as a General Nurse or Midwife within the EU then your training may meet the automatic recognition route to registration. If you trained within Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland you are eligible for automatic registration as they have as these countries have implemented the directives.

If you trained after the after the implementation date in your own country of training you are known as a Group  1 applicant.

If you trained in the EU or EEA before the implementation date then you have acquired rights which means you may have the right to join the register based on your experience as a General Nurses or Midwife.

If your training meets the Directive due to acquired rights, you are a Group 1 Applicant

If you are a trained general nurse and you do not meet requirements for automatic recognition the NMBI can still consider your application. If your application is considered it will need to be educationally assessed.  

If your trained in the EU or EEA and your application needs a full educational assessment, you are a group 2 applicant.

Did you train in a different area other than General Nursing or Midwifery?

Unfortunately the EU does not have a set of agreed standards of training for divisions other than general nursing and midwifery. The NMBI will consider your application under the general system terms of the Directive. Your application will be educationally assessed. Your training will be compared against the requirements and standards that NMBI have set up for that division.

If you trained in the following areas your application will be need further educational assessment;

•    Children’s Nurse

•    Nurse prescriber

•    Psychiatric Nurse

•    Intellectual Disability Nurse

•    Nurse Tutor

For more detailed information on applying from outside Ireland you can visit the Irish Nursing Board website directly at

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