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10 Reasons why being a Nurse is the best Job in the World

By Katie McGarr on 13 February 2015

Nursing is a challenging and stimulating profession where you can work with people from a many different backgrounds. Once you are receive your degree in Nursing there are many different options and areas you can move into you can work with the elderly, children or in an acute setting. Here are 6 top reasons why we think being a Nurse is pretty amazing.

1.    The Nursing profession is one to be proud of. It is a time honoured profession that is hundreds of years old. As long as there are people there will always be a need for nurses.

2.    Nursing is the most trusted profession in the world. In a world where people are losing their trust in the main institutions the nursing profession is a shining light of hope for society.

3.    Nursing is a global profession. Nurses can transfer their skills to any country which is a bonus, Nurses can travel see the world while practicing their profession.

4.    Nursing is always changing so Nurses are always learning something new. 

5.    Nurses can advance their career by moving into management positions such as a Clinical Nurse Manager or a Director of Nursing Jobs. 

6.    Nurses have the chance to help others. Most people always say they wish they could do more to help others. Nurses do this day in day out as part of their job. Nurses we salute you.

Nurse Jobs Ireland is always backing Nurses and we think they should be celebrated. Join our #CelebrateNurses campaign and leave your comment of thanks for Nurses.

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