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Overcoming Communication Barrier

By Three Q PERMS on 17 October 2017

Understanding the role that language plays in creating barriers to healthcare is critical for healthcare systems that are experiencing an increasing range of culturally and linguistically diverse populations both amongst patients and practitioners. When communicating the details of a diagnos...


Nurses Need to Get Active on Social Media

By Three Q PERMS on 13 October 2017

The world has gone digital, and nurses need to make sure that they are digital and have an updated online profile.  We advise Nurses that their social media image and engagement is being viewed by hiring companies and this is often perceived as part of their nursing career image. A nurse's on...


Why Should We Hire You?

By Three Q PERMS on 06 October 2017

This can be a hard question to answer for nurses as all nurses typically have the same training and expertise. One piece of advice for this question is to avoid relying solely on your training and expertise like so many before you have done. While these are important, you need to tell the employ...


Five Difficult Interview Questions for Nurses

By Three Q PERMS on 29 September 2017

Even the most experienced nurses can suffer from interview nerves. One of the ways you can reduce your nerves is to practice how you are going to answer some of the more difficult interview questions. We have teamed up with Patrick Shortt, Career Guidance Counsellor and Managing Director of ETC ...

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What Supplements can be useful for a Busy Nursing Lifestyle?

By Three Q PERMS on 15 September 2017

The life of a nurse can be very demanding so it is no harm to aid your diet with a few supplements to boost your energy. With the abundance on offer out there it can be hard to know what would be beneficial; taking these three in particular would be a good place to start!   A good multivit...

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Tips for Nurses Dealing with Grief over Lost Patients

By Three Q PERMS on 01 September 2017

As a nurse it’s easy to grow attached to patients especially ones in long term care. Here are a few things to remember when dealing with the grief of a lost patient. 1. Remember it’s your job. Patient empathy can be a powerful tool for making you a successful nurse, but it can also make lo...

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Small Exercise Tips for Nurses on Their Feet All Day

By Three Q PERMS on 18 August 2017

Cooking dinner? Do standing push-ups while you wait for a pot to boil. Stand about an arm's length from the kitchen counter, and push your arms against the counter. Push in and out to get toned arms and shoulders. Just before bed or while you're giving yourself a facial at night, do a few rep...

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Promoting a Healthy Work Environment as a Nurse

By Three Q PERMS on 04 August 2017

Smoothies If you have a steady shift, it can be beneficial to begin a team initiative towards healthy eating such as making smoothies. If you can get a group together, organising to make a jug of smoothie a day and bring it in for the group to have before the shift starts is a great way to ge...

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Nursing Interview Do’s and Don’ts

By Three Q PERMS on 28 July 2017

1.Tell us about yourself?  Do tell them- Your successes and your experience, but keep it short. Don’t tell them- Your whole life’s story. They don’t have time to listen and you don’t know them that well.   2.Why did you choose nursing as your career? Do tell them- A great and insp...

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Nurses Interacting with Patients – Topics of Conversation

By Three Q PERMS on 17 July 2017

Just starting out in your nursing career and still a bit uneasy about interacting with patients? Here are a few pointers to remember: Speak Clearly: When talking to your patient, speak in slow, even tones so that you are easy to understand and make the patient feel at ease when speaking to...

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