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Jack and Jill Incognito Charity Event

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 22 March 2018

The public art initiative for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation – is back. The charity is delighted that William Fry has come on board to support the largest group-show exhibition in a single gallery in state history, as part of the Firm’s three-year commitment to the Jack and Jill Foundati...


Are you interested in Orthopaedic Nursing?

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 15 March 2018

Are you interested in Orthopaedic Nursing? What is Orthopaedic Nursing? Orthopaedic Nursing is a speciality of nursing that focuses on the treatment as well as the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. Orthopaedic issues can range from acute problems such as fractures to chronic disorders such...


Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 11-17)

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 11 March 2018

Promoting a culture of safety has become one of the pillars of the patient safety movement. In recent years there has been increasing understanding within the healthcare industry that various factors—such as the emphasis on production, efficiency and cost controls. Increasingly, healthcare organi...


Why Nurse Practitioners are So High in Demand?

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 02 March 2018

In a hospital setting, Nurse Practitioners can alleviate the need for doctors to spend long periods of time making rounds and checking on patients during recovery. They work very closely with attending physicians in a hospital to understand what course of treatment the doctor prefers, and can eva...


Moving to Ireland to work as a Nurse

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 23 February 2018

Ireland is in the midst of a nursing shortage, and that means there are plenty of opportunities for International Nurses to find work here in a variety of areas. As an internationally trained nurse, there are a few steps you can take in order to make the process as simple and quick as possible. T...


How to Fit in to an Established Nursing Team

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 15 February 2018

How to Fit in to an Established Nursing Team Settling in to a new team can be difficult at the best of times but a busy dynamic environment like the nursing profession makes it even harder to settle in as colleagues are generally too busy to worry about the new tam member. Here are a few things t...


A day in the life of a Dublin nurse

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 08 February 2018

I am working this week in a medium support hospital with psychiatric clients. They have come from various backgrounds. They are learning to live on their own so there is nursing staff during the day. The clients are on their own at night time, it is a short stay unit to prepare the clients.During...


Reasons Why Nurses Should Blog

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 28 January 2018

Blogging on the industry they love in a positive and thoughtful way, Nurses can become subject matter experts; where there are many ways a nurse can utilise social media to a healthcare advantage, such as promoting the profession through educating the public, or to promote their outside, health-r...


Creating Your Professional Presence in Your Nursing Career

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 21 January 2018

Nursing is a hard career and even with experience it can be hard to climb up the career ladder, here are a few points to remember when your are looking to make a step up in your career: To establish professional presence, consider the following five ingredients: Communication Are you able to comm...


Further Training Options for Nurses

By Nurse Jobs Ireland Admin on 14 January 2018

Completing a four year degree in General Nursing or your chosen field within the nursing sector does not necessarily mean that you have completed your studies for your profession. Indeed, nursing is one of the most likely occupations where training and professional development will continue throu...

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