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The Benefits of Yoga for Nurses

Nurses are very good at taking care of others but quite often fall short of taking care of themselves. A consistent yoga practice can have a positive impact on body chemistry, disease prevention, symptom reduction or alleviation, and emotional health. Which type of yoga would suit you best? Well, that really depends on which body parts you wish to emphasise more with your exercise. You may want to focus on body alignment, or perhaps breat...

How to earn more money as a nurse

Education and training is the solution! Education is no longer a one-time event but rather a lifelong experience and employers know this. We have identified a list of constructive and realistic ways for you, as a nurse,  to overcome some of the challenges believed to be blocking your ability to successfully develop further education in your career as a nurse. To do this, we must first look at three main factors – benefits, funding and time. ...

Psychiatric nursing jobs in Ireland

Pros and Cons of being a Psychiatric Nurse Psychiatric nursing can be one of the hardest areas to work in but as a psychiatric nurse you are giving much needed support to the families of your patients and they can be some of the most grateful relatives. It’s that feeling of doing something worthwhile that makes psychiatric nursing such a good career choice.                                 

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